WIF Visualizer is a web-based tool that reads a WIF (Weaving Information File) format draft with any number of shafts and translates it into a PNG file depicting either the draft drawdown’s structure or color. Using WIF Visualizer, you can translate WIF files up to 4 MB in size.

The generated PNG file is returned to your browser window. You can save it to your computer using your browser’s Save features. To then return to Wif Visualizer, click your browser’s back button.

In structure drawdown images, black pixels indicate raised warp ends and white pixels indicate lowered warp ends. The drawdowns show the picks ordered from bottom to top as they would appear when woven.

It can take several seconds to translate large WIF files. Over slower internet connections, translations may time out. If this happens, you will see the {"message": "Endpoint request timed out"} message rather than receiving a PNG file.

Recommended browsers include: Chrome, Safari (Macintosh), and Edge (Windows 10). Some users have problems when using FireFox that force them to exit and restart the browser to visualize more than one WIF file. Internet Explorer is not supported.