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Wif2Tiff reads WIF (Weaving Information File) format drafts with any number of shafts and translates them into drawdown images that it can save as TIFF graphics files. In structure drawdown images, black pixels indicate raised warp ends and white pixels indicate lowered warp ends. The drawdowns show the picks ordered from bottom to top as they would appear when woven.

Macintosh OS (10.7 and higher) users should download as follows:

  1. In Safari, right click the Macintosh download link above, select "Download Linked File As..." and save it to your desktop.
  2. Right click the downloaded zip file, select "Open With" and select "Archive".

Some Macintosh OS 10.11 users have gotten an error saying the app is damaged and can't be opened. Following these steps has fixed the problem:

  1. Download and install Java 6 for El Capitan from this link:
  2. Open "System Preferences", select "Security & Privacy" and under "Allow apps downloaded from:" select "Anywhere".
  3. Double click on to run it. If you get a warning that it was downloaded from the internet, click "Open".

Microsoft Windows users should download and unzip If double clicking the Wif2Tiff.jar file does not run the Wif2Tiff program, you probably need to download and install a version 1.4 or higher Windows JRE (Java Runtime Environment). In particular, users of Windows XP without Service Pack 1 need to install a JRE because Windows XP does not come with Java installed.

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