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Gif2BeljenJC5 translates GIF image files containing Jacquard designs into Staubli JC5 Jacquard controller design files meeting the requirements of the Beljen Mills Jacquard loom. Beljen Mills distinguishes itself by its willingness to weave short runs of cloth for outside designers as well as its ability to weave cloth up to 6 foot wide.

Gif2BeljenJC5 checks that the GIF design images contain only pure white (#FFFFFF) and pure black (#000000) pixels and are exactly 12320 pixels wide. Aside from those checks, it is up to you to ensure your design is weavable. The book, The Woven Pixel, by Alice Schlein and Bhakti Ziek provides information on how to create Jacquard designs using Adobe PhotoShop that can be woven at Beljen Mills.

Gif2BeljenJC5 is available as either a Mac OS X application (10.2.8 or higher) or an executable JAR file that runs on Windows. Both versions require a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is version 1.4 or higher.

Microsoft Windows users should download and unzip If double clicking the Gif2BeljenJC5.jar file does not run the Gif2BeljenJC5 program, you probably need to download and install a version 1.4 or higher Windows JRE (Java Runtime Environment). In particular, users of Windows XP without Service Pack 1 need to install a JRE because Windows XP does not come with Java installed.

Macintosh OS X versions 10.2.8 through 10.6 users should download Gif2BeljenJC5.sitx.hqx. The program should download as a Stuffit archive file with a .sitx extension. You can use Stuffit Expander to unarchive the program. Stuffit Expander is freeware available at: If the program downloads to your Macintosh as a BinHex file with a .hqx extension, you can use Stuffit Expander to obtain the Stuffit archive file and then use Stuffit Expander to unarchive the program.

Macintosh OS X Lion (10.7 and above) users should download If it does not unzip automatically, open it with the Archive Utility.

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