Jane Eisenstein
Philadelphia, PA

Summary Hands on software developer with 20+ years experience in all phases of web-based application development.
Languages Python, JavaScript, SQL
Systems Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix
Tools Simpl, React, Django, CSS, Node.js, Git, Forio Simulate, Microsoft Excel, PostgreSQL
Education M.S., Computer Science, Boston University.
B.A., Microbiology, University of Missouri.
Mar 2014
Mar 2020

Senior Application Developer
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Developed and supported web-based multi-player simulations for the Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab. Collaborated with faculty to create engaging simulations that allow students to apply the concepts and models they are learning. Co-authored and developed the open source Simpl simulation platform.

Dec 2000
Feb 2013

Application Architect
Medecision Inc., Wayne, Pennsylvania

Architected components of Medecision's service oriented Integrated Medical Management system. Worked with product owners and customers to define feature requirements. Designed high level technical solutions for new and enhanced features. Developed proof of concept implementations to evaluate third party products and test technical solutions. Worked in Scrum teams to design and develop performant feature implementations.

  • Developed a SOA distributed web application providing Managed Care Organization members the ability to take health assessments and be automatically entered into disease management programs.
  • Architected and led the implementation of an event driven change data capture system providing reportable auditing of user and automated data changes. The system relies on Hibernate event listeners to publish events as changes are committed to the OLTP database. These events also feed reporting and made it possible to eliminate the reporting ETL nightly system shut down window.
  • Designed and guided development of an automated approval web service enabling customers to integrate custom business rules into the treatment request processing workflow. This service will serve as the basis for model third party rule engine integrations replacing the current proprietary rule engine.
  • Developed a batch application that evaluates claim data against a set of clinician-defined Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor business rules to alert Medical Care Organization staff to which members are candidates for disease and case management.
  • Automated the migration of an InterSystems Cache relational database to Oracle using JDBC metadata to generate Oracle DDL and DML from a loaded Cache database.
  • Prototyped a semantic web application that produced patient clinical summary reports derived from multiple data sources. Implemented Blaze Advisor business rules to screen clinical data for sensitive values.
  • Migrated a utilization and case management system for Managed Care Organizations from a Visual Basic client server architecture to a web-based architecture using J2EE and XML/XSLT technologies.
Jan 2000
Nov 2000

Project Lead
bigchalk.com, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Planned and directed the efforts of a 9 person team developing a subscription World Wide Web educational content service.

  • Authored requirements and high-level UML designs for core portions of the service.
  • Designed reusable front end components and wrote their technical specifications.
  • Designed and led implementation of the document topic browse and search subsystem.
  • Developed the database model for the topic subsystem.
  • Designed and led implementation of an intranet application used by in-house editorial staff to maintain a collection of over 37,000 topics.
  • Coordinated application deployment by development and production staff.
May 1998
Jan 2000

Senior Software Engineer
Infonautics, Inc., Wayne, Pennsylvania

  • Developed a Java servlet-based intranet content management system. Designed and implemented the front end of a subsystem that supported defining and managing sets of documents within the content store. Developed the rule language used to define document sets.
  • Developed a World Wide Web subscription online publication advocacy service. Implemented the client user interface in HTML and Javascript and CGI's in Perl and C utilizing an Oracle database. Analyzed problems that were causing slow initial downloads and doubled the download speed of the initial page.
  • Developed a suite of intranet tools in Perl to aid in maintaining and extending a job listing World Wide Web site that extracted and compiled job listings found on other job sites.
  • Made production ready a World Wide Web site that provided access to encyclopedia entries and Electric Library document citations through searches employing the Excite search engine. Analyzed, updated and documented the tools used to create and maintain the site.

Mar 1997
Jul 1997

Consultant, SuperPages User Interface Design Group
GTE Laboratories, Waltham, Massachusetts

Implemented user interface enhancements to a World Wide Web interactive yellow pages service in parsed HTML, JavaScript, and Perl. Restructured existing code to be modular so new cobrand layouts can be quickly implemented.

Mar 1992
Jan 1996

Senior Software Engineer, Interchange Online Network Project
New Media Services (an AT&T Company), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Developed a multi-platform online service supporting compound documents. The client application was initially targeted for Microsoft Windows. Designed and implemented in C++ an interactive rich text editor. Contributed to the core compound document object model and implemented prototype versions of the document database objects.

Mar 1991
Mar 1992

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Photo CD Access Project
Interactive Systems Corporation (a Kodak Company), Cambridge, Massachusetts

Developed a product that provided access to photographic images stored on Kodak Photo CD compact discs from Apple Macintoshes and IBM PCs running Microsoft Windows. Principal developer for the Macintosh portion of this C++ cross-platform development effort.

Aug 1990
Nov 1990

Contract Software Engineer
Electronic Pre-Press Systems, Inc. Billerica, Massachusetts

Developed a Smalltalk prototype of a magazine production management system running in the OS/2, Presentation Manager environment.

Jul 1989
Aug 1990

Software Development Team Leader
Meta Software Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Directed the efforts of a 3 person team in porting an interactive, graphics-based Colored Petri Net modeling and simulation system implemented in C and Standard ML from the Apple Macintosh to the Sun Unix, X Window System environment.

Jan 1986
Jun 1989

Xerox Advanced Information Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Software Engineer, Database Designer Project

Participated in design and implementation in C of an interactive, graphics-based database design environment running in the Sun Unix, X Window System environment. Designed and implemented the automatic layout of entity-relationship diagrams based on a graph planarization approach.

Aug 1982
Jan 1986

Senior Software Engineer, Software Tools & Languages Group
Atex, Inc., Bedford, MA

Developed, enhanced, and documented various software tools, including
compilers, macro assemblers, linkers, and run-time support systems.