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An Experiment With Pulled Warp Tapestry

In the spring of 1996, I took a course in 3-Dimensional Design Science taught by Arthur Loeb at the Harvard Extension School. For my final project in this class, I wove a polyhedral shape using pulled warp tapestry techniques. The polyhedron I wove is a degenerate stellation of both a cube and an octahedron called a rhombohedral dodecahedron. Translated, this means it has twelve diamond shaped facets. I chose to leave one of the facets off the version I created and tucked its generating cube inside.

Here is a view of the final piece:
[Rhombohedral Dodecahedron]

Other photos show how the work progressed.

I found the following references on pulled warp shaping while researching this project:
"A Coat with Pulled-Warp Technique", Kerry Evans, Handwoven November/December 1989.
"Loom Woven Baskets", Gloria Bowman, The Weaver's Journal ,Spring 1986.
"Applying the Pulled Warp Technique to Loom-Shaped Clothing", Kerry Evans, The Weaver's Journal, Winter 1985.

The Tapestry Handbook
by Carol K. Russell taught me what little I now know about tapestry.

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